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Pantone's Colour Innovation and Transformation for Home Furnishings - Trend prediction for 2021

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

During these times we are not sure if we shall see trends transform as they used to, but life as we knew it is completely transformed. Let's find out what the trend predictions are according to Pantone (which I for one, can relate to)

I love following the webinars by Pantone, they are refreshing, engaging and energising, these webinars give insight into fresh image collections neatly organised to match in a synchronistic manner with one another, be it an image of a flower, a chair a catwalk model or a protest, yes, a protest. The images tell a story about colour and how it relates to the times and ultimately our spaces.

Why this evenings Pantone webinar made absolute sense

The pandemic has thought us many things and I will not write about this as though I am some Guru, but we must admit, the pandemic has brought a new sense of perhaps much needed prioritisation into our lives.

And how does this reflect to interior trends you ask? Ah, but my little grasshopper, much connection it does have. (there goes my Yoda, Guru impersonation) .Trends relate to a development in time, now or in the predicted future, which usually have a long term effect in history. Our interiors are going to reflect what the pandemic and all the events that came with it, such as protests, climate change emergencies and equality discussions exposed us to.

For the majority of us home was a place where we would sleep, shower, change, eat, and chill. But now we are spending much, much (much) more time at home. When it was perhaps unusual to work from home it is now our new normal, and it doesn't seem like this will change. Technology helped us adapt, whether it was a client presentation, an online course, a home workout or a cooking lesson, we simply started to spend more time at home doing what we love or need to, and this thanks to technology.

Our homes are now more so a place were we need to feel a sense of positivity, a sense of wellbeing, peace and calmness.

A place where we need to distance ourselves from the negativity outside and the anxiety that comes with it (for some).We seek to control our home environment much more. Spending so much time at home has also made us notice certain décor elements don't suit us anymore, or perhaps the furniture layout was not truly the best it could be to accommodate our lifestyle. Whatever the case our interiors are going to evolve drastically, for the better.

There has never been a time so much as now were we seek to have more plants and nature in our homes, this is were the colour Green comes to play - our relationship with nature is changing and finally much more awareness and consciousness on the subject is being shared., Wonderful shades of green and many house plants will embellish our interiors, the trend is already picking up, we also see people creating indoor gardens and using their outdoor space much more effectively, especially if that is the only outdoor space one has. Lockdown has shown us not to take the great outdoors for granted. Now breath...

"Green comes to play - our relationship with nature is changing "

The yearning for spirituality and wellness are also becoming factors which will change our interiors, Purple and all the wonderful shades it has will make a come back, Purple is the colour associated to spirituality, a wonderful colour with a vast family such as Lavender, Mauve, Eggplant, Mulberry, Boysenberry etc. The family of Purple's can be elegantly paired with Orange and Mustard's, Green's and Blue's the options can be endless and the results, soothing to the senses.

"The family of Purple's can be elegantly paired"

What struck me the most from this evenings webinar was the pattern feature, we are now seeking to support our local craftsmen (and women), by doing so, finally people are starting to realise that by owning a piece which is locally hand crafted, you are not only supporting a small genuine business, but you are owning a piece which is truly authentic and hand made. This is also evident with ethnic or traditional textile patterns, hand crafted potteries, for example, which may have been lost in time. Check out https://www.instagram.com/marikami_lace/ as an exquisite example of traditional Maltese crafts applied to contemporary methods for interiors.

*images from Makrami Lace Etsy Store

Check out Kiran Menon's work 's with Organic cotton, Natural(Medicinal herbs) yarn dyed, Handloom woven fabric.Kiran is Ethical Textile Designer by profession, a Painter, Photographer, Ceramic & Mural Artist by Heart - Follow Studio Ira Design by Kiran Menon on Facebook.

The element of sustainability is also a key factor in supporting your local craftsman. So invest in what is truly authentic and be a support line for your local community. Generate less greenhouse gas effect by using less imported items, generate a circular economy.

Check out RLautier The Natural Stone Workshop and see the striking, simple, and elegant wall art pieces they created out of marble offcuts. "...we have created this little series of artwork made from upcycled marble offcuts which represent various shapes found in nature.

This limited edition has been created with love in our workshop and we hope you like it as much as we do."

Pre-loved furniture is definitely the way to go, repurpose and restyle a piece of furniture you come across, think twice before sending it to the landfill. My collection of preloved mid-century pieces is adding up nicely. Such an item can become your one luxurious piece, especially if you have now become used to being in your comfies all day, let's admit it, we still want to have a dash of luxe is our lives. Luxury can be subjective too, to me it's complete comfort and having that one piece that's exclusive to me.

"By owning a piece which is locally hand crafted, you are not only supporting a small genuine business, but you are owning a piece which is truly authentic and hand made. That is luxury."

Whilst we seek stability in these unstable times we seek to create interiors that are positive, so this is where that splash of colour is introduced, the Pinks are prominent, (no, Pink does not only come in the the Bubble Gum Pink you may be thinking of), we seek colours to elevate our mood and give us a space that is playful. Colours are vast and fun, don't be afraid of adding that pop of colour to your neutrals, create the perfect ration of 60 : 30 : 10 of neutrals to accent colours.

Just have fun and create a space that lifts up your spirits, remember you're going to be spending a lot of time at home, this is your sanctuary. This is our new normal.

Generate less waste, know what's in your interior finishing materials, support your local craftsman and have fun with your space, and remember to create a dedicated space for the home office, this method of remote working may just stay, and I am absolutely fine with it. Oh, and don't forget your house plants, we need more of the outdoor in our indoors.

This is just a fraction of the information shared on the webinar, but they are some of the points I felt I had to share.


Vera x

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